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GREAT news!I can't wait!


congratulatins on your projects - I will even buy the TVland Guide. Look forward to reading the new series.


I'm not all that impressed -- your first "TV Guide" appearance was better, with your full name and everything... ;)


That's awesome, Jeff! I can't wait til the second miniseries comes out. And I definitely plan on checking out the first as well.

Johnny Crow

I have to say I love the comics so far, and now that there will be the gang in the second series I really can't wait. Great work so far... thanks.

Richard Johnson

I would just like to say that I have not read this mini-series yet, although the word "on the street" (well, internet) is very positive.

Is Cursed even available yet in the UK? (You know how behind the times we can be.)

Will Cursed by released in graphic novel format?

Old Friends sounds even better, although I am a little sad to hear that Angel is in "semi-retirement". Is this his "Dark Knight Returns" period - trying to stay in the sidelines, but eventually coming back to put things right?



I think Cursed is available over there--Diamond UK is usually pretty good about getting stuff distributed close on the heels of American releases. The only reason it might not be (and I'm really not sure what the situation is) is if IDW's license is only a US license, in which case they'd have to partner with some UK publisher to put it out there. That would certainly delay things.

There will be a trade paperback collection in the US, early in 2006. Same as above for the UK--I just don't know.

And you're kind of on the right track for Old Friends.

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